uK-47 live



Troy provides uk-47 lead vocals and adds some rhythm guitar to the bands sound.  His ability to adopt many of the vocal inflections of the artists we cover add to the authenticity. Troy has been greatly influenced by The Beatles, the Stones, Radiohead and Oasis. Troy joins Dan regularly performing as uk-47 "unplugged" which is the the more acoustic version of uk-47.



Dan provides backup and some lead vocals in addition to bass guitar when uk-47 plays as a 5 piece unit. When uk-47 plays in the "unplugged" 2-person version with Troy, you will find Dan playing guitar, bass, ukelele and even some mandolin from time to time. His influences include the Beatles, Gabriel,  Yes and Genesis.


Dave plays keyboards and adds to the overall uk-47 sound with versatile playing and creativity. His ability to tie the sound together with solid backing or taking the lead  gives the tunes the authentic feel we strive for. Originally Classically trained, it is still easy to find Dave playing a solo gig at a piano bar, sitting in with a jazz group or scoring for his R and B band "Backroom 11".


Bob brings his musical  knowledge and playing ability to help shape the band. Whether respectfully playing the most iconic and blistering leads or the most subtle nuances, Bob's attention to detail goes unmatched. While known for his work in the Jazz world with his ensembles, session work , and both College and University teaching, we appreciate his cameleon-like ability to be whatever he needs to be for the tune.


 Danny is the guy.                                                    His passion for music and leaving it all on  the stage never goes unnoticed. He is an extremely accomplished session drummer and a first call to anyone wanting a truly top notch rock drummer. Backing vocals, a John Bonham groove or even "more cowbell" are always an option.



Classic UK music